Our History

The Journey

Bethel Credit Union was established on 25th August 1950 and registered on 31st October 1950 with registration number 91/50. The idea for a Credit Union was birthed out of a desire to encourage thrift among villagers of the Bethel Community and environs and to assist each other with loans to meet their domestic needs.
The early business of Bethel Credit Union was conducted by visits to the homes of individuals to collect money which was used to build the share capital of the Credit Union; the membership at that time being twelve (12) persons, most of whom have since passed on.
After some time, the business emerged into a building situated at Bethlehem Road, Bethel, Tobago. Today, there are two (2) branches of Bethel Credit Union; a Head Office situated at Bethlehem Road, Bethel, Tobago and a branch office situated at Mt. Marie, Lower Scarborough, Tobago.
Bethel Credit Union is very actively involved in supporting social and community activities, by sponsoring many of the planned events and also initiating its own projects at times. One such project is the biennial ‘Community Clean-up Campaign’ which is an environmental effort, geared towards assisting the citizens in disposing their white waste and other unwanted items from their surroundings.
Our youth membership is recognized for their academic achievements in both SEA and CAPE examinations through annual scholarships, as we believe that our future lies in the hands of our youth. In May 2014, a Social Club was launched, specifically for the purpose of fostering and encouraging social relationships, as well as attracting new membership.
  • August, 1950The Bethel Credit Union is established on August 25th, 1950
  • October, 1950The Credit Union became registered on the 31st, October 1950
  • May, 2014Social Club was successfully launched in May 2014.