BCU Special General Meeting

Bethel Credit Union would be hosting an in-person Special General Meeting on
Tuesday 28th March 2023 at 5:00PM. The meeting will be held at our Mt. Marie Branch, Upstairs Office. Topics to be addressed are as follows:


Resolution for the Amendment of Revised Bye-Laws

Resolution for the Write-Off of Delinquent Accounts

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What We Do

Bethel Credit Union is a co-operative, financial institution organized on the principles of brotherhood, economic democracy and individual self-help, which serve people who are united by a common bond of association. The basic purpose of joining the Credit Union is to THINK. PLAN and SAVE.
We provide Deposits, Shares and Fixed deposit savings
We offer low cost loans for home mortgage or renovations , new or used vehicle and education and much more.
Family Indemnity Plan
We offer financial comfort during the death of a loved one.

61st Annual General Meeting

Bethel Credit Union 61st Annual General Meeting was held virtually on September 8th 2022.

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Email: administration@bethelcredituniontt.com or Phone: 639-8226 / 631-1336.

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